Novel Radar Techniques and Applications
Volume 1: Real Aperture Array Radar, Imaging Radar, and Passive and Multistatic Radar

Cloth: 978 1 61353 225 6 / $195.00
Published: November 2017  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
928 pp., 7" x 10"
These two books, available separately or as a set, present the state-of-the-art in advanced radar, with emphasis on ongoing novel research and development and contributions from an international team of leading radar experts. Each section gives an overview of the latest research and perspectives of the future, and includes a number of chapters dedicated to specific techniques in conjunction with existing operational, experimental or conceptual applications.

Volume 1 covers:

* Real aperture array radar, including target parameter estimation and array radar features; array radar operation management; and robust direct data domain processing

* Imaging radar (SAR, ISAR), including VideoSAR imaging for real-time persistence; highresolution/wide-swath SAR; interferometric SAR imaging; MIMO imaging radar; spacebased SAR-ground moving target indication; 3D & tomographic SAR imaging; bi- and monostatic SAR-GMTI; multistatic and MIMO ISAR techniques; and focussing moving objects using the VSAR algorithm.

* Passive and multistatic radar, including bistatic clutter modelling; airborne passive radar; forward scatter radar; through-the-wall imaging radar; short-range passive radar potentialities; GNSS-based passive radar; passive radar with airborne receivers; multi-illuminator and multistatic passive radar; and passive MIMO radar networks.

Table of Contents:
Part I: Real aperture array radar
Ulrich Nickel, Germany
Part II: Imaging radar
Christoph Gierull, DRDC-RDDC, Canada
Part III: Passive and multistatic radar
Pierfrancesco Lombardo, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy