Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis of High Frequency Structures With MATLAB

Cloth: 978 1 61353 231 7 / $150.00
Published: May 2017  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
256 pp., 7" x 10"
Series: ACES Series on Computational Electromagnetics and Engineering
This unique reference is the first to cover the theory of adjoint sensitivity analysis and explains how it can be applied to different types of electromagnetic structures. It is an invaluable book for anyone looking for an in-depth understanding of this useful theory for application in high-frequency electromagnetic problems. It uses the popular FDTD method to show how wideband sensitivities can be efficiently estimated for different types of materials and structures, and includes plenty of well-explained MATLABĀ® examples to help readers absorb the content more easily.

Topics covered include a review of FDTD and an introduction to adjoint sensitivity analysis; sensitivity of the fields to changes in material parameters; sensitivity of S parameters; extension to dispersive material parameters, where the underlying FDTD algorithm must be modified; second-order sensitivity analysis; time-domain responses; and applications to nonlinear and anisotropic materials.

This book will make the theory more understandable to the broadest possible audience. It will be useful for researchers and advanced students involved in computational techniques for electromagnetics, and other disciplines such as microwave, optics, acoustics, and semiconductor modelling.

Table of Contents:
Ebook Version and MATLAB Codes
1 Introduction to sensitivity analysis approaches
2 Introduction to FDTD
3 The adjoint variable method for frequency-independent constitutive parameters
4 Sensitivity analysis for frequency-dependent objective functions
5 Transient adjoint sensitivity analysis
6 Adjoint sensitivity analysis with dispersive materials
7 Adjoint sensitivity analysis of anisotropic structures
8 Nonlinear adjoint sensitivity analysis
9 Second-order adjoint sensitivities
10 Advanced topics