Principles of Modern Radar
Three Volume Set

Cloth: 978 1 61353 201 0 / $370.00
Published: January 2014  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
2300 pp., 8" x 10"
This series will appeal to radar practitioners within military or government. The first volume was written as a textbook for courses in radar systems and technology and the second volume is aimed at practicing radar engineers and graduate level students. The third volume is designed to serve as a self-contained reference for those aiming to become experts in an advanced technology or application area.

POMR: Radar Applications Volume 3 includes concise descriptions of the purposes, principal issues and radar methods found in a wide variety of current radar types.

POMR: Advanced Techniques Volume 2 is a professional reference for practicing engineers that provides a stepping stone to advanced practice.

POMR: Basic Principles Volume 1 focuses on 4 keys areas; basic concepts, radar signal phenomenology, major subsystems of modern radars and signal and data processing basics.