Digital Communications
Microwave Applications
Edition: 2

Cloth: 978 1 884932 00 7 / $69.00
Published: December 1997  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
7" x 10"
This groundbreaking book, one of the first on digital communications, covers the transmission system environment, statistical analysis methods, digital modulation, system performance, PSK and QAM systems, correlative techniques and information on microwave system design and measurements.

In this book, transmission concepts and techniques of digital systems are presented. Practical state-of-the-art implementation of digital communications systems by line-of-sight microwaves are also described. This book is written for engineers and managers, systems and equipment designers, manufacturing engineers and managers, product planners and research engineers. It is also intended to be suitable as a text at the first year postgraduate or advanced undergraduate level, as well as for reference purposes, in universities and other technical institutions.

The unique engineering requirements of terrestrial microwave systems using digital modulation methods are the topics presented in Digital Communications: Microwave Applications. The fundamental principles included in this book have not changed since its original publication. It should be considered as a required reference for this important facet of communications.

Table of Contents:



1—Transmission System Environment

2—Statistical Methods in Digital Transmission Systems

3—Digital Modulation Methods

4—Microwave Amplifiers

5—System Gain

6—M-ARY PDK and QAM Microwave Systems

7—Correlative Techniques and Applications to Digital Radio Systems

8—Digital and Hybrid System and Potpourri

9—Digital Microwave Systems Design

10—Diversity and Protection Switching Techniques

11—Measurement Techniques

12—Research and Development Trends and Unresolved Problems