Advanced Digital Communications
Systems and Signal Processing Techniques

Cloth: 978 1 884932 02 1 / $69.00
Published: December 1997  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
7" x 10"
This extensive reference book--originally published in 1987--includes data on systems and techniques for ISDN, speech coding, echo cancellation, digital speech interpolation, digital television, modulation and demodulation methods, correlative coding, interference considerations, mobile radio and satellite systems, and adaptive equalization.

This unique volume comprises one of the most complete texts on digital communications engineering.

Table of Contents:

2. ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network: Architectures and Protocols

3. Speech-Coding Algorithms and Vector Quantization

4. Echo Cancellation in Speech and Data Transmission

5. Digital Speech Interpolation Systems

6. Digital Television-Processing Techniques

7. Digital Modem Techniques

8. Correlative Coding: Baseband and Modulation Applications

9. Interference Analysis and Performance of Linear Communication Systems

10. Mobile-Radio Communications

11. Advanced Concepts and Technologies for Communications Satellites

12. Adaptive Equalization