Scott R. Bullock
Scott R. Bullock holds a BSEE and an MSEE degree in RF and wireless communications. He has worked, consulted, and held positions at Texas Instruments, Omnipoint, E-Systems, General Dynamics, Technical Fellow for Raytheon, Consultant Engineer and Manager for Northrop Grumman, Senior Director for MKS/ENI, VP of Engineering for Phonex Broadband, and VP of Engineering for L3 Communications. He specializes in wireless communications designs and system analysis. He currently holds 19 patents in wireless spread spectrum communications, published two books and has written several articles for various trade magazines. His analysis and designs include the first handheld PCS wireless telephone, a wireless spread spectrum replacement for the TOW Missile, has set the standard wireless communications data link for SCAT-I landings, and designed adaptive and cognitive filters and systems.
Books by Scott R. Bullock :
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Published: December 2001