IPA: Psychoanalytic Ideas and Applications
Series Editor: Gennaro Saragnano

  Art in Psychoanalysis
A Contemporary Approach to Creativity and Analytic Practice

  The Art of Interpretation
Deconstruction and New Beginning in the Psychoanalytic Process

  Death and Identity
Being and the Psycho-Sexual Drama

  Escape from Selfhood
Breaking Boundaries and Craving for Oneness

  The Ethical Seduction of the Analytic Situation
The Feminine-Maternal Origins of Responsibility for the Other

  Finding the Body in the Mind
Embodied Memories, Trauma, and Depression

  From Impression to Inquiry
A Tribute to the Work of Robert Wallerstein

  Hostile and Malignant Prejudice
Psychoanalytic Approaches

  In the Traces of our Name
The Influence of Given Names in Life

Play, Gender, Therapy
Selected Papers of Eleanor Galenson

  Psychic Reality in Context
Perspectives on Psychoanalysis, Personal History and Trauma

  Psychopathology of Work
Clinical Observations

  Shame and Humiliation
A Dialogue Between Psychoanalytic and Systemic Approaches

  Talking About Supervision
10 Questions, 10 Analysts = 100 Answers

  Theory of Psychoanalytical Practice
A Relational Process Approach

  Time for Change
Tracking Transformations in Psychoanalysis - The Three-Level Model

  The Unconscious
Further Reflections

  Unrepresented States and the Construction of Meaning
Clinical and Theoretical Contributions