Radar and Electronic Warfare Principles for the Non-Specialist
Edition: 4

Paper: 978 1 61353 011 5 / $79.00
Published: November 2013  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
350 pp., 7 1/2" x 9 1/4"
This is a comprehensive update of the bestselling reference for those who need to learn about radar but have no previous experience.

This enhanced and fully revised fourth edition of Radar and Electronic Warfare Principles for the Non-specialist includes five all new sections on electronic warfare and its relationship with radar systems and distills the very complex technologies of radar and electronic warfare into their fundamentals, tying them to the laws of nature on one end and to the most modern and complex systems on the other. It also includes significant revisions to: target signal-to-noise ratio, target detection theory, array antennas, radar measurements and tracking, and target signatures. The advanced radar concepts chapter has also been revised, including the addition of a section on modern multi-function, -mode, -mission radar systems. In addition, there is new EW-related material addressing electronic support (ES), electronic attack (EA), and electronic protection (EP). Most of the chapters are stand-alone allowing the reader to be selective and still benefit from the content.

Radar and Electronic Warfare Principles for the Non-specialist is ideal for senior level graduates and can be used as a self-study text for engineers who have no previous radar or EW knowledge or experience.

Supplementary materials for professors are available via email to books@theiet.org.

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Table of Contents:
1. Introduction to Radar and Electronic Warfare

2. Radar Systems

Radio Frequency Waves
A Basic Radar System
The Radar Equation
A Basic Radar Receiver

3. Target Detection
The Problem of Target Detection
Detection Theory
Integration of Multiple Pulses
Some Detection Techniques
Detection Threshold and Radar Detection Range

4. Radar Antennas
The Antenna Gain Pattern
Reflector Antennas
Array Antennas

5. Radar Measurements and Target Tracking
Radar Waveforms: Time and Frequency Domains
Range Measurement
Range Rate Measurement
Angle Measurements
Measurement Loose Ends
Sophisticated Target Trackers

6. Target Signature
Radar Cross Section of a Sphere
Radar Cross Section of Simply Geometric Objects
Target Spectrum
Target Radar Cross Section and Radar Detection Range
Chaff Characteristics
Clutter Characteristics
Radar Signatures

7. Advanced Radar Concepts
Clutter Rejection
Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems
Bistatic Radar Systems
Modern Multi-Function-Mode-Mission Radar Systems
Over-The-Horizon Radar Systems
Radar Altimeters
Ionospheric Radar Systems
Laser Radar Systems

8. Electronic Warfare Overview
Electronic Support - Electronic Support Measures
Electronic Attack - Electronic Countermeasures
Electronic Protection - Electronic Counter-Countermeasures

9. Electronic Warfare Receivers
Electronic Receiver Principles
Electronic Warfare Receiver Equation
Electronic Warfare Receiver Metrics
Radar Signal Parameter Extraction, Deinterleaving, Identification, and Output
10. Self Protection Jamming Electronic Attack
Self Protection Jamming Principles
Self Protection Jamming Equation
Self Protection Noise Jamming
Self Protection False Target Jamming
Self Protection Expendables
Other Self Protection Jamming Techniques

11. Support Jamming Electronic Attack
Support Jamming Principles
Support Jamming Equation
Support Noise Jamming
Support False Target Jamming
Support Expendables

12. Electronic Protection Concepts
Waveform Diversity and Low Probability of Intercept
Antenna Based Signal Processing
Sophisticated Target Trackers

13. Loose Ends of Radar and/or Electronic Warfare Lore
Radar Line of Sight
Properties of the Propagation Medium
Far Field of an Antenna or a Target
Convenient Radar and Electronic Warfare Rules of Thumb

Appendix 1: Decibels
Appendix 2: The Radar Spectrum
Appendix 3: Fourier Series and Transforms
Appendix 4: Answers to Exercises
Appendix 5: Glossary