Q From A to Z

CD-ROM: 978 1 884932 22 9 / $129.00
Published: December 2003  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
Q from A to Z is the first of three CDs in the Filter Techniques Set and explains the concept of Q and how it can be applied to understanding the relationship between loss and bandwidth in filters, the design of oscillators with improved stability and phase noise, and the best possible match for a given bandwidth and load characteristics. The course includes sample problems and solutions, a bibliography of source materials, web links, and the complete text of Randy Rhea's reference article, "Multimode High-Frequency Inductor Model."

Table of Contents:
Section 1. Introduction

Section 2. Unloaded Q Or Component Q

Definition of Unloaded Q
Unloaded Q of a Reactor
Unloaded Q with Parallel Loss
Solenoid Inductance
Solenoid Unloaded Q
Qu and Volume
Qu for Typical Solenoids
Limit on the Unloaded Q
Capacitor Unloaded Q
Unloaded Q of Chip Capacitors

Section 3. Loaded Q
A Terminated Series Resonator
The Response of a Series Resonator
Loaded Q of a Simple Series Resonator
Loaded Q in the Parallel Resonator
The Response of a Parallel Resonator
The Loaded Q of a Parallel Resonator
Parallel-Series Equivalent Networks
Parallel-Series Conversion Formula
A Shunt-C Coupled Resonator
The Coupling Reactance for a Required Loaded Q
A Computer Simulation of a Coupled Resonator
Loaded Q and Group Delay
Loss in the Resonator
A Computer Simulation of Resonator Loss
Other Resonator Topologies

Section 4. Q and Matching Concepts
Q and the Smith Chart
Relationship Between Constant Q and Reflection Coefficients
Q and Matching
Q of the Load
Fano's Limit
Fano Limit Example
A Practical Solution with 4 Elements