Practical Issues in RF Design

CD-ROM: 978 1 884932 72 4 / $297.00
Published: December 2003  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
The challenge in RF design is often that the simplest of circuits can be insanely difficult because secondary effects such as parasitics play a major role in circuit behavior. This state of affairs is often referred to as the "real world," "black magic" or "art" rather than science. But RF circuits do comply with the laws of nature. Understanding these secondary effects untangles the mystery. Viewing this CD series will help you become more proficient in the design of RF and microwave circuits. The payoff is less frustration, reduced time to designs that meet specs, and higher performance. No knowledge of higher math required; some familiarity with RF design and measurement terms helpful.

This 3 CD-ROM course:

* allows you to move through each session at your own speed,

* requires no extra work books,

* provides you with testing methods for the key concepts taught.

Practical Issues in RF Design includes 3 CDs, click the links below to purchase them individually.

Table of Contents:
CD 1: Introduction to Practical Issues and Modeling

Session I. The Importance of Bandwidth

Session II. Basic Modeling

Session III. Improved Modeling

CD 2: Distributed Circuits & Loss

Session IV: Distributed Circuit Issues

Session V: Electromagnetic Analysis

Session VI: Loss

CD 3: Examples, Unloaded Q and Tuning

Session VII: Examples

Session VIII: Unloaded Q

Session IX: Tuning Strategies