Noise Concepts & Design

CD-ROM: 978 1 884932 51 9 / $129.00
Published: December 2003  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
Noise Concepts and Design presents approximately 75 minutes of practical instruction on noise concepts and design, with emphasis on how circuit design affects noise figures in amplifier design. Additional topics include how accurate and repeatable noise figure measurements are obtained, as well as an explanation of noise waves, phase noise, and low-noise design techniques. Includes over 20 minutes of examples, exercises, and an interview with the instructor.

Table of Contents:
Session 1: Introduction to Noise

Session 2: Advanced Topics in Noise

Topics Include

Definition of Noise
Noise Measurement

Noise Figure Measurement
Low-noise Techniques

Noise Figure Technique
Noise in Systems

Amplifier Noise
Balanced Amplifiers

Error Reduction

Designing for Noise Figure
Phase Noise in Oscillators

Noise Wave

Analysis and Prediction

The CD-ROM can be started from any PC that has Windows 98 (or higher). Note: Windows Media Player 9 is needed to run this course.