Filter Techniques

CD-ROM: 978 1 884932 86 1 / $297.00
Published: December 2003  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
This course covers techniques important in filter design. It is an excellent update and complement to Microwave Filters, Couplers & Matching Networks.

This easy to navigate tutorial is designed for beginning wireless and RF engineers and those who wish to review modern techniques in filter design. This material is an excellent complement to the classic tutorial Microwave Filters, Couplers and Matching Networks by Robert Wenzel. No knowledge of higher math is required; some familiarity with RF design and measurement terms is helpful. This course:

*allows you to move through each session at your own speed,

*requires no extra work books,

*provides you with testing methods for the key concepts taught.

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Table of Contents:
Table of Contents

CD 1: Q from A to Z
Section 1. Introduction
Section 2. Unloaded Q Or Component Q
Section 3. Loaded Q
Section 4. Q and Matching Concepts
Session I. Classic Filter Design Review
Session II. Transmission Zero Introduction
Session III. The Extraction Process
Session IV. Network Transforms
Session V. Practical Issues
CD 3: Lumped Element Transforms
Session I. Introduction
Session II. Canonic Filters
Session III. The Norton Transform
Session IV. Filters with Finite Frequency Zeros
Session V. Inverters
Session VI. Norton and Resonator Branches