Digital Communications
Satellite/Earth Station Engineering
Edition: 2

Cloth: 978 1 884932 01 4 / $69.00
Published: December 1997  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
7" x 10"
This useful reference book addresses the specific needs of satellite systems, including link calculations, the terrestrial interface, baseband systems and signal processing, modulation techniques, coding, synchronization, TDMA and onboard processing.

By mastering this book, the reader acquires the tools and skills necessary to analyze and design elements of modern satellite communications systems. This book is for engineers and managers, for the advanced student who wants a solid understanding of this field and for the researcher who needs a consolidated, comprehensive up-to-date reference text of digital communications systems.

This text is an essential reference book in this field, one of the few books dedicated solely to satellite technology. It has been made available once again to serve the information needs of engineers who are building and operating the satellite systems of today and tomorrow.

Table of Contents:
1—Satellite System Configurations and Link Calculations

2—Signal Processing and Multiplexing In Terrestrial Interface Subsystems

3—Baseband Transmission Systems

4—Power Efficient Modulation Techniques For Linear and Nonlinear Satellite Channels

5—Spectrally Efficient Modulation Techniques for Satellite Systems

6—Coding for Error Detection and Correction

7—Synchronization Subsystems

8—Time-Division Multiple-Access Systems (TDMA)

9—Regenerative Satellite Systems

10—Single-Channel-per Carrier (SCPC) Pre-Assigned and Demand-Assigned, Spade, Digital Satellite Earth Stations References

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