Dielectric Resonators
Edition: 2

Cloth: 978 1 884932 05 2 / $99.00
Published: December 1998  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
7" x 10"
This is the definite reference text on dielectric resonators used in filters and oscillators. This second edition includes corrections and updates, a new chapter on how to use the program included on a new disk.

Sections are devoted to properties of materials, coupling techniques and filter and oscillator design using dielectric resonators. Programs implement the models presented in the book and identify the frequencies of all the modes.

Author's Comments
After the first publication of Dielectric Resonators by Artech House ran out of print, the book was reprinted by Vector Forum, and that version is also out of print now. As the book has become a popular reference for microwave and RF engineers, it is hoped that the present second edition will be just as useful. No matter what the major use of dielectric resonators will be in the future, the prerequisite for an intelligent application is an understanding of the basic principles of these devices. This book aims to provide that understanding.

Publisher's Comments
With renewed interest in dielectric resonator technology for modern wireless communications equipment, this book is an excellent reference for its understanding and application. The accompanying programs provided on disk implement the models presented in the book and identify the frequencies of all resonance modes

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Microwave Resonators
3. Dielectric ROD Wave Guides
4. Simple Models
5. Rigorous Analysis Methods
6. Integral Equation Techniques
7. Material Properties
8. Coupling
9. Filters
10. Oscillators
11. Software

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