Advanced Antenna Considerations
Volume 1

CD-ROM: 978 1 884932 56 4 / $129.00
Published: December 2004  

Publisher: SciTech Publishing
This is the third in a three CD course. The Introduction to Antennas course is a series of lectures on CD-ROM. This series provides both a fundamental and detailed discussion on antenna properties, antenna design considerations, different types of antennas, RF propagation issues and an overview of specific antennas used in today's wireless communications markets.

Table of Contents:
The Microstrip Patch Antenna

* Basic Characteristics
* Feed Arrangements
* Design Equations
* Rectangular Microstrip Patch
* Effects of Substrate Properties on Performance

Aperture and Reflector Antennas
* Rectangular Aperture in Ground Plane
* Horn Antennas
* Reflector Antennas
* Corner Reflector Antennas
* Aperture and Reflector Summary

Circularly Polarized Antennas
* Circular Polarization
* The Helix Antenna
* The Crossed Dipole Antenna
* The Quadrifilar Helix
* The Microstrip Patch

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